Life Imitating Art…or the other way around

                                                                                                 In ‘The Surgeon’s Chosen Wife, (March 08) my Queensland book, I had a scene where the hardware store owner collapsed with a brain bleed. My reluctant hero who was recovering from a bad accident had to use a drill from the shop to save the shopkeeper’s life. There is a favourite line of mine where on the way out of the shop with the patient on a stretcher, the doctor calls out, ‘ get me a drill’ . A  customer replies, ‘fair go, Doc, finish your shopping later.’  Then all is explained how the drill will be used.

Last week my husband alerted me to an article in the paper. In a small town in Vicoria…in fact in the same town where all the Australian Harlequin editions are published, a boy who wasn’t wearing a helmet fell off his bike.The impact tore an artery and the boy bled into his brain.  The country GP saved his life with a drill from the hospital maintenance department.AU-9780733576751-0407

For a full report head to The Australian


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