Zoom! and that was the holiday…….!

Burleigh Heads Queensland
Burleigh Heads Queensland

Last week, DH, the boys and I jumped on a plane and headed north, chasing some winter sunshine. Only problem was, the Gold Coast which is normally full of sunshine was rather wet and grey. Fortunately we’d booked ourselves into a totally gorgeous apartment with more mod cons than home (million dollar view, cable TV, heated pool…) so we coped with the first 1.5 days of torrential rain! Oh if wIMG_2457e could have rain like that where we live.                   

Anyway, the rain cleared and we got out to play in shorts and Tshirts which is a far cry from a Victorian winter where we’re huddled in fleeces. We hit the theme parks and I squealed in terror on the Superman Ride, oohed and ahhed over the dolphins and the seals and revisited my youth on the now low-tech corkscrew ride which is still a heap of fun.


We walked along the lovely beaches, tramped through some rainforest, played games of chess and 500 and I read a book or two.  I broke my healthy eating rules and had icecream and cheese and chocolate.  One week of eating will mean three weeks of hard work at the gym. Man, I’m not that fond of being 40…ish.

The boys have two more weeks of holidays so I’m juggling jobs and activitites and trying to wrestle Leo and Abbie into being well-behaved characters. Yeah, right! They have other ideas!  Anyone else out there taking a winter or summer break?  I love hearing about people’s trips.


3 thoughts on “Zoom! and that was the holiday…….!

  1. Your beach looks lovely! I’ve just come back from Benidorm aka New York in sunny Spain. Busy it was, quiet it wasn’t! The beaches were packed wall to wall white bodies of all shapes and sizes in the pursuit of sunburn and the ever hopeful tan! I should have stayed at home and gone to Llandwyn beach here on Anglesey (North Wales) which is only 5 miles away! But we had a holiday – the first in 6 years so it was good to get away. Take care. Caroline x

  2. Sounds like a good break!

    We’re also hoping to also escape Melbourne’s cold and head up north soon 🙂

    Although I’m very much looking forward to attending RWA conference in Brissy 😀

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