Working From Home In the Holidays…an oxymoron

Sometimes the school holidays and I happily co-exist and I manage to work both jobs and still do some stuff with the kids but not this July. So last week after family life went a bit haywire I just accepted that I had to let all thoughts of writing go. I had to embrace the holidays, enjoy the rest of the week and catch up when both boys are back at school.  Typing that is a lot easier than actually doing  it but I managed it.  I’ve played Wii…I am determined to work out HOW to stay on the track in cow racing, ..I’ve cuddled up on the couch and watched movies with the boys, I’ve enjoyed two dinners with friends and slept in.  It’s all been lovely. The only down side is the fact that Ican hardly remember what Leo and Abbie’s story is all about and the deadline doesn’t shift even though my domestic life has fallen apart. 

Each year the ‘middle of the year’ book is a hard gig because of holidays and July being birthday month. I guess I thought as we were only away for one week I would be able to keep writing but the universe operates in a certain way and who am I to think that this year things would be different?

Meanwhile, I  am all caught up on Harry Potter..watched the Order of the Phoenix again last night and I am READY for the new movie.


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