The Stress of Finishing a Book

I finished the book, I met the deadline, I should be relaxed right? But I’m not. I wanted to have a week off, tidy up the desk and office, watch a movie or two, read but I just keep thinking, ‘OMG, next idea for book …must…think…of…something…soon!!’  Hence chestpain and hovering anxiety. And yes I have been to the gym and I’ve done deep breathing and I’m sleeping like a log but the moment I wake up, it’s ARRRGGGH!  So I reckon I’m just going to sit down with my craft books and start thinking of a new story and bugger the week off! Perhaps if I do this now the rest of the week might work out for all those things I wanted to do.  I think the only way to get the buzzing elation of being finished is at the end of the contract, not midway through!


3 thoughts on “The Stress of Finishing a Book

  1. Good luck! I’m feeling similar anxiety at the moment ALL the time about my writing but LUCKILY I don’t have any deadlines or contracts… can only imagine the intensity of the anxiety if you had fans (like you do) to keep happy!! I have faith you’ll think of something fabulous!!

    PS. What craft books do you find useful with brainstorming/planning an idea?!

  2. I put my iPod on shuffle and whatever song came up, I wrote down a line about it. Amazingly enough, it gave my creativity a necessary boost. I still rewrote a new proposal 7 times, but it got me started.

    Also, go and watch some movies. You’d be amazed at what trickles into your subconscious. I really enjoyed “Twilight” because I could read all the undertones and subtlety–very character-driven.

    Good luck!

  3. Rach, I’m reading Save the Cat at the moment along with 45 Master Characters. Ah, Michelle, great idea, I do that at the gym in my head a bit although lately they’ve been playing the same music over and over. I have rented a movie tonight to watch He’s just not that into you. I also have an idea for my heroine which is a start and NO chest pain today 🙂 Thanks, girls, you’re the BEST!

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