Community Spirit

0909 Miracle TwinOn the weekend I helped cook 600 sausages at the boys’ school Athletics Carnival. I’ll be brutally honest here and say a large part of my motivation to do this was to make seven hours go a lot faster  😉 I would dash out and see the boys do their event and then go back as did all the other helpers . We had so much fun chatting and cooking and selling a sausage in a piece of bread for $2…do you want onions with that?  I met new parents, I met old friends and we laughed and we were all their with a common goal of helping out and raising some funds for the Middle School section of the school. I left at the end of the day feeling really happy and with a sense of achievement as did the boys who got PBs for their events. 

Now I have just got involved in community activities because that’s what my family did. Dad belonged to the Yacht Club, mum helped out at school, I met my husband in amateur theatre and then when the kids started at kinder and school it was a natural progression to be involved. Sometimes it gets a bit stressful but 99% of the time it’s a really positive experience. It seems what I know intuitively has been given a name!

The University of Pennsylvania has a department called ‘Positive Psychology.’ It’s all about authentic happiness. What’s that? Well, it isn’t about what the media are constantly telling us makes us happy..thin, rich, stylish etc.  What it is about it is connecting with people. The research shows that when we give of ourselves we feel happier. 

I get a lot of letters about the towns in my books and the sense of community. Often the town comes together for the greater good and the fete in Miracle:Twin Babies is an example of this.  Miracle: Twin Babies is on sale now in Australia. You can grab it at Big W, Target, Kmart, Borders or online at Mills and Boon Australia.

Oh, and if you’re interested, take the happiness quiz at the Authentic Happiness makes for interesting reading.


2 thoughts on “Community Spirit

  1. What a wonderful post 🙂

    I can relate. Recently I (with some other mums) helped organise lunches at my son’s school and then we got to sit with his class while they enjoyed their “special lunch”. Honestly, it was one of the best days, I had a ball 🙂

    BTW – I loved your “Twin babies” book 🙂

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