The World of Waiting

As you can see I’ve been blog AWOL…school holidays will do that although you can always catch me on Facebook 😉 Anyway the kids are back to school in the AM and routine is returning which means I have no excusesleft so I have  to start that book I was talking about a month ago!  Seems I’ve been treading water…waiting for school to start, waiting to hear from my editor, about the book I turned in a month ago,  waiting to start the new book …just waiting. 

Waiting never stops. First you wait before you are published and you think once you’re published you’ll never wait again, but you do. Often.

My brain is compartmentalised and I like things to be stowed away before I start a new task but the world of writing doesn’t work like that and I have to accept this and just start the new project even though I know it will just get interrupted. That is probably one of the biggest things I had to learn when I got published…creative flexibility, oh and even more waiting!


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