The Flinders Ranges

I’ve spent a lot of time in South Australia. We have cousins over there and family ties along with my father’s love affair with wine meant we pretty much went everywhere via the Barossa Valley.  But we also took trips to the Flinders Ranges and I’ve taken my boys there too.

Red dust, mauve/blue mountains, spectacular gorges, stony dry creek beds and the glorious towering river red gums make it easy to see why famous artists like Hans Heysen fell in love with the area.  So my current WIP with the working title of Outback Christmas is set there.

Here are some pics to give you an idea of where Sophie and Jack are spending their time.




3 thoughts on “The Flinders Ranges

  1. What a magnificent setting!
    My father-in-law does walking tours to the Flinders Ranges. I’ve not been yet but he’s been intching to take my son (his grandson) as soon as he can hike (he’s only 2).

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