Characters That don’t Care you have a Deadline!

                                                 phoebethomas2                                                                  November is a pretty busy month in our house. For the last few years it’s been concert and play month, with both boys on different stages and sometimes performing at the same time! This year with Boy Wonder 15, ‘up the bush’, it’s been so much easier only having to organise ONE set of costumes.  Of course, I’m trying to write and finish a book before the summer holidays start in December. We were lucky enough to be able to go to the High Country and visit BW15 last weekend so on the long journey up and back I read the first four chapters of ‘Outback Christmas’ (working title). Sophie and Jack are nothing like I imagined they were going to be and right now as I head into writing chapter six, I’m hanging on for the ride.  There is so much story left to write and not that many words and somehow they HAVE to slow down and talk about the important things. But neither of them are keen.  So that’s my task this week…reining them in. Wish me luck!


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