Nose Down, Tail up

Every year at this time I have three weeks to go until deadline, a lot of book left to write, a husband who has a birthday …WHAT was his mother thinking having him six weeks before Christmas?!..and the rising panic that Christmas shopping, cards and baking really needs to start happening. This year is no exception and it’s all happening and I start to employ ‘swiss cheesing’. That’s making tiny holes in BIG tasks so I can at least pretend I have some control.  Yesterday I ransacked the calendar and made a list of what has happened this year. Today I wrote the nuts and bolts of the Christmas letter. The relief is immense even though not a single card has been scribed.

As for the book..well all I can do is write every day and keep the faith I will make the deadline like I have for the last four years but man, there seems to be a lot left to write! My head is full of book and other things are slipping like taking DH and DS2 to the movies yesterday only to find I was at the wrong cinema! My brain is too full of Sophie and Jack and even with lists a-plenty I am pretty much in the cave until December 10.


4 thoughts on “Nose Down, Tail up

  1. LOl, the swiss cheesing is paying off. Someone just asked me what I’d done and I said not much and started to list things off and I’ve done more than I thought! Better make another list so I know what I have actually done!

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