December means…

As you know, December means a book is due in nine days but it also means Christmas is coming. I am keeping the faith that as the letter is written and the OS cards are half done that come Dec 12, after we have collected DS1 from his year in the bush ,I can actually think about Christmas. Mind you, the copyedits for Her Brooding Italian Surgeon must be about to hit any minute!

Anyway, as I am writing Sophie and Jack’s story, set across the month of December, my head is busy with Aussie Christmas traditions.  Head over to my website  to read about a few of them and to snag yourself one of my fave recipes that I serve when I host Christmas.

Meanwhile, I’m back to Sophie and Jack. It’s all fallen apart and somehow Sophie has to realise she needs to stay not run. Not a CLUE in the world on how I am going  to make that happen…


3 thoughts on “December means…

  1. Fiona, good luck withe the book. Like you I’m finishing mine and it’s set at the end of the year, but in snowy Europe rather than sunny Australian.

    Good luck with those copy edits. Can you avoid them till you’ve got the book done?

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