The Book has Left the Building!

I love the relief of finishing a book! I know it will bounce back from my Editor who will have her thoughts and I will have to revisit Sophie and Jack, but for now, I have met my deadline and I can breathe.

 For weeks Sophie and Jack have been constantly with me, whether I was typing pages or cooking dinner…they were in my head. The fact they are no longer is so liberating!

As I have been writing a Christmas themed book since October , I’m pretty much in the Christmas spirit 🙂 This morning I baked the Christmas Cake…the fruit has been soaking for five weeks! I have made a start on Christmas shopping which also relieves some of the stress and now I am about to start copy edits which did, as I predicted, ping into my in-box on Thursday morning.

So Sophie and Jack have left for a bit and Abbie and Leo are back for a final check before they head into production. It’s basically a nine month lead time from manuscript to book.  I’m going to enjoy my week and very much looking forward to collecting my eldest son on Friday as he ‘Arrives at the Building!’


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