I guess you’re busy with Christmas. I’ve been shopping and baking and wrapping gifts and last night we had the ‘lane’ party. We have a lane that runs behind our house that two streets back onto and we gathered in the lane with the BBQ. It was BYO everything and something to share. Kids scooted and biked up and down the lane and the adults talked the and the teenagers did both and it was a fun evening with an unexpected cool breeze.

This year we missed out on DH’s work party in Sydney as we were collecting ‘the lad’ from his year away and we haven’t dashed up to Melbourne for our annual ‘Christmas lights/windows’ weekend and although I was a bit sad about that I have to confess it’s made the run-up to Christmas really relaxed and I’m all for that!

If you’re interested in what we do over Christmas, head over here and read my entry on the eharlequin Medical authors’ blog.  For every day events, you can catch me on Facebook.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a year ahead filled with good things, happiness and a lot of reading!


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