The Holiday is Over

It’s the end of January and I’m starting to twitch so it must be time for the gorgeous boys to go back to school and for me to start writing again! Although starting again is always scary and I have my usual post-holiday blues that come each year between the end of holidays and the return of school. Unlike many authors, starting a new book is more daunting than exciting for me. I’d love for that to change but so far with fourteen purchased books and four non-purchased books it has remained the same and the seeds of doubt chant loud in my head. Can I do it again? Can I THINK of anything worth writing about?

I have a bit of an idea that needs to be fleshed out A LOT. I’ve started doing some research, pulling pages out of magazines for a collage, doing a bit of googling and finger’s crossed it will all start to gel.

Now if only I could borrow some of Alexander McCall-Smiths’ word speed…1000 an hour!!!!!  I WISH!! Meanwhile enjoy a couple of pictures from my holiday in Tasmania!


3 thoughts on “The Holiday is Over

  1. Great photos, Fiona. Bet you had a great time. Back to reality now and bet it feels like you’ve never been away :-/

    I know you will get back into it and write another of your wonderful romances. I can’t wait to read it!!


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