The Best Laid Plans…

The mid-point of February has passed and all my plans at the start of the month have gone belly up but in a good way!  My editor has asked me to write an on-line read for eharlequin in June so I am working on that right now and trying not to look at my collage for Sally and Josh who I can’t get back to until May because of another book having to take precedence.

The characters for the book I am to start as soon as the online read is written don’t even have names yet and their story is just a seed so Sally and Josh are staring down at me saying, ‘We want to get together so hurry up.”   Hmm, I might have to turn the collage around!

I have also been invited to be a speaker at the RWA Roadshow in May, which I’m REALLY excited about and yesterday I was asked to do some sessional health teaching work in May too so right now I am staring at the calendar as if it was a chess board, working out how best to work it all out so the family and I don’t fall in a heap and I meet my deadlines.

Meanwhile, I’m finding out what it means to be a ‘rowing’ parent …early mornings and saturdays by the river. Also distracting me is planning a holiday to Bali mid year…all that reseach is making me want to go now;-)

I hope your February is going well!


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