Virtual Filing

Yay, I finished writing the short story and it’s gone to my editor. So this weekend I am gearing up for my new laptop. The Lowes are having a computer re-shuffle and DS1 has a brand new one, I am getting his old one which is heaps faster than my current one and this one will be used by someone else in the family. 

This means I have to clean up. Filing paper is not my strong suit…I can never make a decision where to file it and when I do I can never remember where I filed it so retrieval is tricky! The same goes for my virtual files. I’ve just sent 2 hours!! deleting (got the computer in 2004) and filing so I am all ready to transfer my data onto my new shiny and empty computer.

But that was just in the My Documents section. I don’t even want to think about the emails………..

If anyone has any filing or tidy tips then please, send them on!


One thought on “Virtual Filing

  1. Hmm, I don’t think there is any one flawless method. What strikes one as a logical place to file an item one day can lead to a Huh? moment months or years later.
    I have found an index page to be helpful; I have one in the front of my filing cabinet and it could also work for PC files. Only thing is you’d have to update the index when you add something new and as we often sort things in a hurry….. well, like I said, its not flawless.
    Have fun with the new computer.

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