Romancing The West Conference

I’m really excited because on May 1st I’m going to be in Perth, Western Australia! I’ve never been to WA , but even better than just going there, I’m going to be a guest speaker at RWA’s Romancing The West Conference!

The line up looks terrific with Fiona Palmer (cool first name -), Nikki Logan, Juliett Marillier and me.  It’s a day of talking writing, looking at romance fiction and fiction with romantic elements, and based on all RWA events, a fun and friendly place to spend a saturday.

So come along, it would be GREAT to see you there. For booking details click here or go to Romance Australia


2 thoughts on “Romancing The West Conference

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  2. This will be my first writer’s conference Fiona, so it will be a huge learning curve for me. The line of speakers look fabulous and I am looking forward to meeting everyone.

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