The Health Hazard of Working From Home

Today I became closely acquainted with my kitchen floor but not in a good way. At 6am I put the slow cooker on so that at 6pm tonight the corn beef would be cooked easy dinner 🙂  I proudly patted myself on the back for this unusual stroke of forward planning and got on with the day. 

I have a lovely kitchen with a white ceramic floor…cold in summer, freezing in winter and unforgiving to anything breakable. I also have gorgeous black granite bench (counter) tops which hide a myriad of things.

 At 10.30 am I took a break…time for a cup of tea. I came into the kitchen , opened the kitchen cupboard and the next minute I lunged forward, one leg stretched out in front, the other behind me and I am almost nose down on the floor.  

I am bewildered. The hem of my 3/4 length pants are sopping. Obviously I have slipped but I can’t see anything on the floor or the bench and that is when I reach out my hand to the base of the slow cooker.  I must have overfilled it in my pre-dawn enthusiasm and the clear liquid has been invisible against the black granite and the white floor.

So much for organisation! The corn beef was beautiful by the way and next time I’ll make sure there is a good 2cm of space between the fluid level and the top of the crock pot!


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