Romancing The West!

I’m back in my office again after a great three days spent in Perth, Western Australia!  I was very fortunate to be invited as one of four guest speakers at the third annual Romancing The West conference. It was a great line up with Fiona Palmer, Nikki Logan and Juliet Marillier, and I enjoyed meeting with them  AND all the wonderful attendees.

It is really special to spend time with writers because they alone ‘get you’. Who else can totally relate to you having conversations in your head as you do the grocery shopping? Who else doesn’t judge you when sometimes those conversations slip out as sound in the supermarket? Everyone else is looking at you and wondering if you should be ‘not allowed out’ on your own but writers totally understand.

And I got to talk craft! I LOVE talking about the craft of writing and I promise to put up the notes from my Tension workshop up on my website but I have to get some sleep and finish a book first so give me a week please.

Everyone in Perth was so friendly and welcoming but special thanks goes to Rachael Johns who made sure I wasn’t alone on Friday night before the conference started and organise a group of us to go to dinner. Lovely!

If you want to see some pics of the conference then head to Facebook where the RTW committee have put up quite a few happy snaps including the wonderful post-conference dinner.

 Many thanks to the Romancing The West committee for inviting me. Sadly I now have to return to regular programming so that means putting on a load of laundry and finishing the damn book!


5 thoughts on “Romancing The West!

  1. Hello

    Was so nice to meet you!
    Thanks for two great workshops, for being so nice about my thousand and one questions and rabbitting on like a madwoman about my rogue ms.

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