Mother’s Day; a day possibly fraught with failed expectations.

Mother’s Day can be a day fraught with failed expectations and it took me a while but I’ve finally learned the key to Mother’s Day is ‘stage managing’ the event from afar. Perhaps this is because I am the only woman in the household and those of you with daughters may have a totally different experience:-)  But I have settled into simplicity; a sunny day means a bikeride and picnic, and a wet day means a movie of MY choice 😉  Breakfast in bed is of course, a given!

Yesterday, in my part of the world, we were lucky to have a warm, autumnal day, and being blessed to live in a town with great bike paths, the sea and a glorious river, we’re spoiled for choice. Working around DH’s massive project deadline we opted for a river ride.  I got to chat to each son as well as DH as we rode along, taking in the view and the  birdlife of the river. 

Many families were out and about  enjoying large, multi-generational picnic lunches, and some families were small; a mother and child walking along chatting with or without the dog. Then there were the cycling families just like us.

After our ride I sat back as the lads put together a sauage sizzle complete with salad (big thanks to super organised number two son) and I watched the other people in the park spending time with their mum. I hope they were having a lovely day as well.  Sitting and talking to my sons is one of my great joys and it was a privilege and a pleasure to be able to do that yesterday, so THANKS, Boys!


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