Book fourteen left the building on Wednesday night and amazingly I woke up this morning to an email from my editor saying that she loved the book and it had gone through. Happy dancing in this house I can tell you, especially after a string of disappointing news in other areas of my life…nothing life-threatening, just stuff I would have liked to have worked out differently!

Many of you will know HOW MUCH trouble I had with Elly and Gabe’s story and I kept having to go back and write in more motivation before I could move forward. And this wasn’t once, it was every second scene!  I have decided that because of a short time line to write the book I jumped in feet-first without fully thinking it through. I decided Gabe was at fault one-hundred percent and that was my biggest mistake. No one is ever 100% at fault for a failed relationship. Ever.

So as I start to think about my next story I am going to take my own advice and fill in those conflict grids, and belief sheets and hopefully, the next journey will be less fraught. 

Who am I kidding? No book is ever easy to write which makes the word SOLD so wonderful…sheer, unadulterated relief!


4 thoughts on “SOLD!

  1. Thanks, Liz. It was a great feeling but now the euphoria has worn off and I’m back at the bottom of the mountain again and it’s time to start hauling myself up with a new project.

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