JUNE and we’re almost halfway…

DS1 is doing exams so that means end of semster is looming. Hard to believe in three weeks the academic year is half over!

June also means I have  a FREE online read over at eharlequin starting on June 21st! So mark your calendars and enjoy Return To Love...a chapter a day for twenty days. More info on that a bit closer to the date.

Meanwhile, I am trying to start a new story and with that comes all my seeds of doubt and angst…can I do it again? Can I climb that book mountain, where the lower reaches are filled with thicket and blackberries and I spend so much time getting cut off and slashed before I finally move past them.  Yesterday I would have said no, when I spent FOUR HOURS and got ONE AND A HALF pages written. Yes, you read that correctly. Tragic really. So today I am starting that scene at a different place because where I was going yesterday didn’t and won’t work! 

For a sneak peek of this yet unnamed book currently so illustriously titled, Book 15 (!!!), I give you Poppy and Matt….


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