Bali Bound and a FREE read!

Three more sleeps and the family and I jet out to Bali for 12 days. Unlike, Kate’s flash bags, I will be seen lugging a backpack filled with first aid, books, museli bars and water, and my footwear will be flat walking shoes…yes I am the practical traveller! <sigh>  I do daydream about just getting on a plane in strappy sandals and a small purse and being met at the other end by a limo driver andbeing  whisked away to an exclusive resort but oh, wait, I’m confusing my reading matter with real life

Last November when I booked the flights I was really excited. In February when I organised the accomodation I was pretty pumped but now, with three days to go and lists upon lists, all I want to do is BE there, without having to do the packing! I really hate packing. I am NOT very good at making packing decisions although unlike going to say, conferences, I do not need any good clothes which is lucky cos my summer wardrobe really needed retiring at the end of our summer (march) and everything I own is tired. But I can buy clothes in Bali can’t I ?    The funny thing about Bali clothes is you can wear them in Bali and they’re perfect but they don’t always translate to being worn back home.

While I’m away, RETURN TO LOVE, is going up as a free online Medical Romance read. It starts on Monday June 21st and there is a new chapter -a -day for twenty days!  When my editor asked me to write this story back in February I was really excited to be able to promote Medical Romance in that forum .  I am of a certain age where many marriages seem to falter and as I have watched friends go through divorce I have often wanted to script them a different story…Return to Love is it and I hope you enjoy Louise and Paul’s journey.

 And back to packing….WHAT is the ONE must take item you always pack when you go on vacation?


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