It’s June down here in the ‘great southern land’ and that means winter. Brrr! While you’re all enjoying summer sunshine and lazy days of reading, I have frost nipping at my heels every morning as I brave the cold to run down to the gym. However, a holiday to Bali is looming and I’m excited about that!

 I’m really excited to tell you that I have a FREE online read, “Return To Love” starting on June 21st over at eharlequin! A short chapter a day is being released over twenty days and I do hope you’ll call by and follow Lou and Paul’s story. Packing emotional punch into such a short story was challenging but I really enjoyed writing it 🙂 

On July 1st, Her Brooding Italian Surgeon will go on sale at eharlequin and on shelf in the UK but if you want an early copy you can buy it now at Mills & Boon UK.  This book is set in the outback of Australia and inspired by the  town of Mildura , known for its hospitality, it’s sunny weather, fine food and it’s multicultural heritage. Many Italians settled here after WW2, growing grapes and making sensational wine. I was reading one of Stefano de Pieri’s cookbooks when I got the idea for Leo and Abbie’s story.

 Eminent surgeon Leo Costa’s famous Italian charm has never failed him before – but whilst Dr Abbie McFarlane appreciates his skills as a doctor, his attention to her as a woman she can do without. Leo is everything Abbie knows she should avoid but he has other ideas.

 Please make yourselves a cuppa, drop into my website, and read more about Kirby and Nick, as well as seeing pictures and towns that inspired me while I wrote. Check out the Curios section for all sorts of diversions and my blog for weekly ramblesJ If you’re on Twitter or FaceBook then you can also catch me there!

Wishing you all the best and plenty of time for reading!

Luv Fiona xx 


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