Hot Springs and a Buddhist Temple

We spent half a day exploring the countryside inland from the Lovina coastline. It was Sunday, the Balinese day off so the village markets were closed and the streets quiet. We visited a Buddhist Temple…one of a handful in this very Hindu country and what struck me most about the temple was that the Buddha statues were pretty skinny!  It was a very peaceful place in a pretty setting and the perfect place to have a meditation retreat.

After the temple we stuffed our sarongs into our back packs and headed to the Banjar Hot Springs.  As it was a Sunday, many locals were out enjoying their day off and it was lovely to see the familes enjoying the hot water.

After the very tiring session in the hot springs we lazed the afternoon away on the beach, reading. I enjoyed The Time Traveller’s Wife.  We spent three days trying out the different beach Warungs and all of them had sensational food. I loved the satay fish sticks.  Each night we’d sit and watch the fishermen get their boats ready for the night’s catch and as the sun set, the mountains of Java appeared. 

We visited Singaraja, the regional centre and second largest town in Bali.  During the Dutch occupation it was a very busy port and it was here that the first freedom fighter died. T

oday it is a busy city with a university. We visited the library of Lontar books. These are ancient books made of dried palm leaves.  Images and writing are carved into the palm leaf and then black powder is added to give colour.  

We checked out the old port with its decaying Dutch buildings and visited a Chinese Temple. The man there was lovely and had learned English from Radio Australia! The boys loved the turtles which signify long life. It was stinking hot and I enjoyed the peaceful cool of the place.

And now enjoy a few more photos.  Tomorrow we head west!


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