Pemuteran, Bali

If Lovina is known for it’s Dolphins, (although on the morning we headed out to see them I think most of them had gone AWOL), then Pemuteran is known for its diving and snorkelling.  Before we arrived I wasn’t able to find much information on cheap accomodation but there are some Homestays in the village. We did something very ‘un-Lowe’ and stayed at the gorgeous Tamin Selini resort

                                                                      Pemuteran is a little village nestled on a curved bay. They’re using low voltage electricity to bring their coral reef back to life and the snorkling off the beach is pretty good…we saw clown fish!  BUT Pemuteran is also close to Menjanan Island….Bali’s marine national park and the diving and snorkling there is good, although when Australians have the Great Barrier Reef, most other coral areas pale. 

We spent a day snorkling and diving around the uninhabited island and a second day just lazing around enjoying the life at the resort. Day beds for reading are addictive!  So is sitting on the beach at sunset sipping a cocktail. 

Just along the beach is Reef Seen, a diving outfit owned by Australians and home of the Turtle Project. We saw tiny, five-day old baby turtles. Villagers bring turtle eggs to them and they incubate them and raise the turtles to three months before releasing them into the ocean to give them a better chance of survival.

We had three lovely days in Pemuteran and I recommend it as a place to visit!


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