What is it about Italian Men?

Men. Gorgeous men. Italian men.  What is it about romance readers and Italian men?  I asked myself this question last year when I penned my very first Italian hero. What? First Italian hero you say? Yes, I know, I am slow to catch on! But while I was mulling over the question, I realised it isn’t just romance reader who love a gorgeous Italian guy. For any of you who watched Mercy, Nurse Sonia had a thing for Valentino, a cop of Italian descent, and then there’s Kalinda on The Good Wife, toying with the gorgeous detective who obviously has Italian blood running in his veins, and then there are movies such as “Under the Tuscan Sun.”

According to 2009 survey of which nationality of men make the best lovers, Italian men came in third to Spanish and Brazilian,  but then again, I have seen other surveys where they came in first and it begs the question, WHY? So I took on the tough job of doing some research and came up with some possible reasons.

*Elegance, and Style. Think Armani and Valentino.  Italian men want to look smart; it’s part of who they are.

* Charm. Italian men love women and they love to flirt. One look can make a woman feel like she is the ONLY female on the earth and that is a heady feeling indeed.

* Sex Appeal. Elizabeth Primamore, a writer in Manhattan said it well…. “It’s their good looks, style, guts, sense of humor, appetite, and arrogance that I love.”

* Family. Italian men place value on family and children and as women we are drawn to that quality.

I am sure there are a lot of other reasons why Italian men make such favourite heroes,  and I think Leo, in Her Brooding Italian Surgeon  which is out now in the US, UK and soon in Australia, has many of them.  I’d love to her about so please fill me in. Meanwhile here are some pictures to keep you going.


4 thoughts on “What is it about Italian Men?

  1. Ooh what a fabulous deep post! And you have hit the nail on the head I reckon. Three of the best men i know are Italian and they have ALL the qualities you mentioned. Can’t wait for YOUR Italian though 🙂

  2. Oooh Italian men are dreamy – even the beta ones like my hubby :)) He might not be 6 ft tall but he’s my hero and I love him 🙂 But there is something about the brooding Italian hero, isn’t there? And everyone is going to LOVE Leo Costa! (I even remembered his name without looking it up 🙂 )

    Great blog and LOVE the pics.

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