School Holidays

Last week the boys and I had a fabulous four days at Mt Hotham, spring skiing in brilliant sunshine and on the best snow falls in spring for a decade. It was wonderful. Now we’re home and DH jetted in from London on Sunday bringing gifts. He did SO well (gift buying isn’t something that comes eaily to him).  I have the most divine pashmena from Ireland with a gorgeous celtic design. The Lad got a new hat for his collection and DS2 got a cube puzzle from the London Eye…he LOVES ferris wheels so it was perfect. 

We spent sunday and monday clearing away the massive unpack and washing and ironing that holidays generate. 

My parents came down yesterday and treated us to lunch which was not only lovely but special as it is the last time we will all be together until Christmas. The Lad flies out tomorrow for 11 weeks in France!  Right now he is at the hairdressers being made tidy enough to get through Singapore!  This afternoon I am supervising yet another pack…third for the holidays.

My house feels a bit like a revolving door and it isn’t conducive to being creative at all but I am hoping come next Tuesday, when DS2 is back at school I can get back to trying to create a new story.


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