Spring and the Outdoors Beckon

I LOVE Spring….and autumn although I think I love spring a tad more. What is the appeal of these ‘tween seasons? Well, where I live it means the temperature is not too hot and not too cold. Glorious days of 20C where you can wear a Tshirt during the day but still snuggle up at night under a doona rather than tossing and turning from heat or trying to keep warm.

My neighbours are on holidays and Boy Wonder 12 is on dog-walking duty and during the holidays I occassionally kept him company. This winter and spring we’ve had rain like we haven’t seen in five years and everyone’s gardens are brimming with fragrance and bloosom,  including ours.  The freesias are almost finished but the grape hyacinths are opening their purple-blue flowers and the spraxis have totally taken over.  The freshly mulched roses have glossy green leaves and buds are thickening up. Come November, they will flower and the second phase of spring will take place in the garden.

I am most proud of this standard azalea which I managed to keep alive through five years of drought mostly because it was the most expensive plant I have ever bought in my life!  Each spring it flowers and reminds me of a bride.  I have been staring at it for inspiration for a bride book that is slowly…oh-so-slowly coming together in my mind. 

Do you have a favourite season?


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