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Back in June I bought an iPad. It was a very unexpected purchase and very unlike me.  The boys went into shock that their mother could do something so spontaneous and so expensive! It’s the family iPad and it gets  heap of use whether it be checking emails, settling an argument by googling something, watching a movie on a long car journey, listenting to music, showing friends holiday snaps or reading books.

Much to my surprise, I’ve entered the E book era; after all the last six books of mine are available as e Books so it was a bit sad I didn’t have an electronic copy of one of my books!  But what really pushed me into it was packing for Bali and realising how much weight and room my books took up.  I am really enjoying reading on my iPad. I prop it up on my knees in bed and I don’t need a light! I LOVE that I can make “notes” and even highlight sentences which is great for bookgroup. 

Ebooks have been around since the early 90s but it has taken until this year, for them to start making an impact. In 2010 Amazon has sold more eBooks than hardback editions and since the launch of the iPad and with a swag of ‘tablet style’ ereaders hitting the shops for Christmas and libraries lending electronic books,  I think the future of reading really is changing.

I knew very little about ebooks before I started this journey and I don’t know that much yet but  I have discovered that all books and devices are not created compatiable and a steep learning curve has begun. I had no clue that Apple and Adobe didn’t talk to each!  Or that iBooks are not selling books in Australia but that isn’t such a problem because there are ways around this.

I now have four reading apps on my ipad: iBooks, Kindle for iPad, Stanza and now BlueFire Reader.  Stanza meant I could put my free PDF books on the ipad but BlueFire has enabled me to put all my purchased Adobe Digital PDF books on my iPad, including mine, YAY!  so Stanza and now BlueFire Reader have solved this problem.

The Kindle app for iPad is great too and I can purchase and download books direct to my iPad. It has great features but once a book is on Kindle I think it stays there as I haven’t worked out how to move it so if you know a way, let me know.

The only downside to reading on the iPad is that I can’t read in the bath but apart from that I am loving it and I think as time goes by more of my reading will be done this way.

So are you reading electronic books and what is YOUR favourite e-reader and why?

Meanwhile, if you want to track down any of my eBooks, including my latest release (UK October, USA and AUS November)  they can be purchased at Mills & Boon UK, Mills & Boon Australia, Eharlequin US (yes Aussies can buy them from here), Amazon Kindle Store, Mobipocket


One thought on “E Books

  1. Hi Fiona. I can definitely see the appeal of a hand-held reader. eBooks on the PC don’t really grab me- can’t curl up in a comfy chair. That said, we’re using a few eBooks for homeschool as there are some good resources from the USA and buying the eBook saves on postage.

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