Roses and Reviews

I know I wax lyrical about Spring and Autumn…my two most fave times of the year, and I think favourite times in the garden as well. Last blog I showed you the azalea and I today I picked my very first Mr Lincoln Rose for the season.

Mr Lincoln is my most beloved Rose. Its deep velvety red colour is so lush and enticing and then you breathe in, and the delectable fragrence has you in its grip. It’s the total package.  I’m fortunate enough to have five Mr L’s amid my 80 rose bushes.  They bloom well because they are forever being pruned as I bring the flowers inside, as well as sharing them amongst the neighbours.  So today was  the first of what I hope will be many more fragrant days.

It was also a great review day!  The Most Magical Gift Of All , my November/December release got a 10/10 🙂 I had so much fun writing this book…actually I got a shock writing this book when at the end of chapter two the heroione insisted on doing something I had never expected so I had to go and rewrite!  Anyway, I am excited to share….

“Another great Outback Medical romance from Mrs Lowe with Jack in particular an alluring hero. Writing with warmth and humour Mrs Lowe has very quickly become a “must read” author.
10 out of 10.

This book is available online now through Mills and Boon UK, will be on shelf in the UK in November,  available on line in the US and Australia in November and on shelf in Australia and NZ in December. An ideal stocking stuffer 🙂


4 thoughts on “Roses and Reviews

  1. Gorgeous Fiona! I have one Mr Lincoln which was coming along nicely but the wild weather on Saturday knocked it about. But it will recover. Congrats on the review!

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