Late To My Own Party and On Time to Others.

For those of you not  on Facebook or Twitter, I’m excited to announce I’ve sold my single title contemporary romance, The Boomerang Bride (w/t) to Carina Press, the digital arm of Harlequin. The release date is still up in the air but mid 2011.  Sorry, I should have done a blog last week but life has a way of getting away on me especially during the season of dance concerts, school plays and writing speeches.

Why was I writing a speech?  Yesterday was the Melbourne Romance Writer’s Guild’s 20th birthday!!  I was invited and asked to make a speech as I’d been a member for many years. I used to think I travelled the furthest to attend but a current member comes 2.5 times the distance I do. Why would someone travel this far to attend a writing group?   Support, friendship and the ability to meet with people who totally understand that half the time your head is in another world!

It was lovely to catch up with long-time members and meet newer people and see that 20 years on, the vision of the founders; industry news, the craft of writing, support and friendship are still going strong!  Thanks to Serena Tatti and Elvina Payet who with their band of helpers put on a fantastic celebration in the true spirit of MRWG!


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