Celebrating in Sydney

It’s my husband’s birthday today and to celebrate we went to Sydney on the weekend.

The harbour city is a great place to be a tourist and that’s what we were. We hit The Rocks market at the base of the bridge, we took the ferry to Watson’s Bay where Doyles have been running a restaurant since 1885! In Australian terms that is a mighty long time!

We went and saw Harry Potter 7 , cried and felt like we were leaving the movie in the middle of the story and we enjoyed the Glebe Point Rd street festival. We also walked through the glorious grounds of Sydney University…gotta love all that glorious sandstone.

DH’s birthday lunch as at Doyles with a table virtually on the beach:-) I had the sweetest sword fish served with roasted butternut pumpkin, fetta cheese and pinenuts. DH had a selection of seafood and Boy Wonder had the worlds most expensive plate of fish and chips! We even had dessert…sharing chocolate mousse and a berry basket with a triple stack of gelato.

Somehow we managed to stagger onto the ferry!  But real life is back, we’re home with a mountain of washing, revisions for Poppy and Matt’s story pinged into my inbox this morning and I saw a sign that said 35 days to Christmas.  Cue picture of me running away and hiding in a cupboard….


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