Fun, Food, and Friendship

I’ve had a lovely day today! I went to Melbourne for a Christmas Lunch with a fantastic group of women; Romance Authors!  The food was sensational..who knew stuffed Naan bread was so delicious?  We talked and laughed and ate and it all went too quickly. It was great to talk Face2Face with people I usually only see on Facebook or at the RWA Conference,  and to be with like-minded people who “get” this whole writing gig.

Before lunch, Sharon Archer and I ,under the guidance of talented author and bead-stringer, Anne Gracie ,were introduced to the most amazing bead warehouse and did we have fun choosing beads/stones to make necklaces!  I spent far too much money and heard myself say at least three times, ‘This is really it, I’m stopping now’ and as I walked to the cash register I would catch sight of another trinket and into the basket it went!!

All in all a FABULOUS day!


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