December 1st

Aren’t these banners awesome? They are Sydney’s Christmas banners this year

It’s December 1st and life just hit warp speed. Actually, that started on Monday but now it’s official! Big decisions need to be made like, when to buy the tree and what do people want when they really don’t need anything. Even hough I donate part of their gift (this year Haiti) it is still a great tradition to open something on the big day!

The kids say they don’t want anything but that is code for ‘I want an iPhone but no point asking for that!’ Great that I’ve trained them well, so no disappointment involved! 😉

This December I have a book out, a Christmas story. The Most Magical Gfit of All brings togther all the elements that I love about Christmas. I realise of course that ‘the festive season’ can be a toughie for some people and so it was for my heroine, Sophie who’d do anything to avoid Christmas. Sound familiar to anyone?

I love Christmas traditions…the baking, watching Love Actually or The Holiday while I wrap presents, catching up with people. But present ideas still cause me angst. I’m not a big shopper, I don’t really do ‘retail therapy’ and if you’re not out in the world to see things you have no idea what is out there to buy. Thank goodness for Junk Mail! Although I feel guilty about getting it ( I do recycle all of it) it saves me every year. And this year, due to the high Aussie $ online shopping got cheaper and in AUS, free postage is being offered to tempt us to ‘shop local.’ I’m loving that.

Tomorrow night is my Bookgroup’s final meeting for the year and I’m hosting and we’re having dinner! I’m on main meal…better hit the only shop I ever go to; the supermarket!


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