I’ll be Home for Christmas…may be!

As many of you know my 16 year-old son has been living in France for 11 weeks and the weekend before he was due to come home, Europe and the UK were hammered by storms and snow,  bringing two major airports of Heathrow and Frankfurt to their knees.

Suddenly, I had to get into the headspace that The Lad might not make it home for Christmas. HIs host family, due to fly out to Mexico are still in France waiting and hoping they can leave on today.  Brothers and sisters of two of the other exchangees who were scheduled to fly out of Heathrow to meet their siblings in Singapore so they could fly the last leg to Australia together are still in the UK. Some people are facing their fifth day stranded!  We were reassured by the fact that at least our gang were travelling in a group of four so they had each other and at 16, stuff like this is an adventure!

DH and I remember sleeping in JFK for a night one December and we still correspond with a woman we chatted to during the long, long night! The Lowes however were granted a Christmas Miracle! There were no flights out of Frankfurt on Monday morning but by monday night a few planes took off. The Lad was on one of them! By the time he arrived at Singapore, Frankfurt had closed again. Yesterday we waited and waited and waited at the International arrivals hall at Melbourne airport and finally saw the shock of red hair we’d been looking for. He strolled out with a wave and no luggage.  I am hoping his suitcase is on a snow drift in Frankfurt rather than the heat of Singapore as he tells me he brought home some roquefort cheese!!!!

Our love goes out to all our friends who are stranded or who have relatives stranded. It’s beyond tough.


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