HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my wonderful readers!

It’s 2011 ‘down under’ and we have a new shiny year with no mistakes in it…yet. Bound to have made one by the end of the day, especially as I am a bit sleep deprived!  I enjoyed a family New Year complete with a swim in the pool, watching The Blue’s Brothers and finishing up with poppers and sparklers. 🙂

I woke up this morning realising a new year meant a new month which means website updates so that has consumed my morning. For all the up-to-date buzz head on over to http://www.fionalowe.com

New Year is always in the middle of summer holidays and the work year tends to really start in February when the kids go back to school but I am trying to write although I got a lot less done in December than I had hoped. That happens every year so you’d think I’d learn, right? (!!)

Resolutions? Same as the last five years…write books, raise boys, juggle family and work and try not to get heartburn!  Learning to embrace my process would be good but …..

I’m kicking off the yearwith a new book! Single Dad’s Triple Trouble is available in the UK on line and as an ebook for all my ‘early bird’ readers. 

The blurb says, Dr Gabe Lewis is a single dad…to triplets! But Gabe’s adorable tots are triple the trouble – when it comes to simple things like babies’ bathtime this brilliant doctor meets his match. He knows someone who could help – someone really special who has recently re-entered his life. But Gabe once broke Dr Elly Ruddock’s heart in two – might he perform another miracle by mending it again, with the help of his mischievous trio…?

All I can say is “what was I thinking” writing triplets! What started as a cute idea turned into one of my biggest writing challenges!

For pictures Tasmania where I set the book, head on over to my website


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