Sometimes the computer just doesn’t cut it


I  have an office which I mostly  work in but there are times in a book when relocation is vital. When I’m reading pages, I’m on the couch with the hardcopy of the WIP on my knee and pen in hand,  but when I’m lost in the middle of the book, I head straight to the kitchen and it’s not to the fridge like you were thinking 😉

I’m smack bang in the middle of my current manuscript; a single title contemporary romance which will end up being about 90.000 words, give or take a few thousand either way. The first half was hard work as I crafted the characters and got them onto the page with clear motivations. Slow, slow slow. Now, the book has its legs and mini scenes keep popping into my head and I furiously type them at the bottom of the manuscript or I scrawl them into a book or  a shopping docket or my arm. So I am surrounded by masses of notes and my keyboard is fighting off a paper landslide. Plus, I wasn’t quite sure where I was going so I printed out the manuscript, gathered the notes, got out the highlighters, glue stick and the scissor, and went to work, at the kitchen counter.  It’s THE best place for this.

I can stand up so my hips don’t ache,  it’s taller than the dining room table so my neck doesn’t hurt and most importantlyI  can spread out.diving deep and find all the threads of the story and make sure they’re coming together. Papers got stuck into an exercise book. Why couldn’t I do all this earlier? Well, it takes me half  book to really get to know my characters and I find that my earlier notes often don’t remotely match what has happened in the WIP.    Where do you like to work?


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