March and A New Tagline!

It’s March 1st so officially autumn in my part of the world and for once the weather seems to know it. We have a cool day with some rain squals and I had to haul out a jacket!

The first of the month also means website updates and this month brings a tweaked  tagline.  Why?  Well, it’s because although I  write “outback romance” for Harlequin Mills & Boon in the medical romance line ,  I also write single title contemporary romances set in Wisconsin, USA,  which isn’t located anywhere near the outback!  But all my books share one thing in common and that is they’re set in small towns with big hearts! 

Talking small towns and big hearts, Single Dad’s Triple Trouble is set in a small town on the east coast of Tasmania. CataRomance wrote, “”A tender, touching and believable tale of old passions, fresh starts and devastating choices.”  It’s available in the UK and Australia and in April in the US.  The Australian cover is a bit different from the UK and US cover. Do you have a preference?

My Carina Press book, The Boomerang Bride, now has a release date of August 8th 2011! I am so excited about this book and have been working on it with my editor where I fell in love with Matilda and Marc all over again!  I loved creating a small town in Wisconsin, a place I have very fond memories of when I lived there for three years. More information is coming about this story in the next few months.

For my northern hemisphere readers, I hope signs of spring are coming your way.

Happy March and happy reading.

Love Fiona x


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