On Sale in Australia from Today

It’s March 15th so Single Dad’s Triple Trouble is now on shelf in the Australia and available online as a paperback or eBook. I wrote this story after our holiday on the glorious island of Tasmania. The holiday house where we stayed had a heap of magazines and I had a feast of catching up on who’s who and who’s doing what 🙂

It got me thinking. Are there some mistakes we make that we can’t recover from? Elly and Gabe had broken up; their relationship floundering on their different wants out of life. The story starts out two years post breakup. Can they work through the hurt and betrayal that is still very much alive? 

Single Dad’s Triple Trouble is a reunion story. It’s my first full book reunion story. Last year I wrote a novella called ‘Return to Love’ and if you missed it, it is here available as a FREE read. 

 Grab yourselves a copy from Kmart, Target, Big W or Borders.  The cover is different from the UK so this is what yo7u’re looking for 🙂

 Please make yourselves a cuppa, drop into my website, and read more about Elly and Gabe, as well as seeing pictures that inspired me while I wrote. Check out the Curios section for all sorts of diversions and my blog for weekly ramblesJ If you’re on Twitter or Face Book then I’d love to see you there too!!

 Wishing you all the best and plenty of time for reading!

Luv Fiona xx


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