The Garden Just Got Dangerous

 As you know, we’ve had a non-summer and yesterday DH and I started doing the autumn gardening…the tidying up, the slashing back, the pruning. As we trimmed the hedge by the pool we lamented how little use it got this year and given our record heat two years ago, it is hard to get our head around the fact we only had one total fire ban this season. 

Instead of heat we’ve had rain. Buckets of it. As a result, we’ve seen things in our house and garden we’re not used to seeing here in the southern part of Australia. We had a gecko in the bathroom two weeks ago. If you live in Queensland that is an everyday occurrence but down here, not at all. The boys didn’t believe me when I told them.

We are also having an arachnid blow out. There are cobwebs EVERYWHERE. I am hopeless at killing spiders so I put them in a glass and deliver them back into the garden, even the Whitetails because they eat other spiders which are making a mess of my windows!   Do you all have ‘green bins’? These are bins you put your garden refuse in and the council collect it and mulch it. We have a HUGE garden and one bin so at this time of year we’re always scrumming for room and due to a sunny weekend the neighbors had the temerity to have filled theirs too;-)  This means a lot of squishing and jumping on the contents is required. I was sad to see that DH had already 3/4 filled the bin with last week’s leftovers before I even got started. 

Just to wind back a bit…for those of you who don’t know me all that well, I hate having dirty hands…it’s almost OCD but not quite As a result I only ever garden with leather gardening gloves and that saved my life yesterday because as I put my hand in the bin I narrowly missed this.

Now the closest I have EVER been to a Red back Spider in my life is the beer! They  are supposed to live in woodpiles and dark places not on a bit of dead plant that has been in the sun for six days! For the non-Aussie blog readers, Red back spiders are very poisonous and this one was HUGE. Had I been bitten I would have been one sick author and in hospital for a bit. 

So that was my excitement for yesterday and then I had to go against all my ‘I don’t kill spiders’ because I really didn’t want this one wandering into the house like the Huntsman from the garden did the other day. How do you safely kill a spider that is more than 1.5 inches across without getting bitten? A spider than an move swiftly and just drops a thread. I’m not proud…I half drowned it and then squashed it. I still feel bad!

It all reminded me of the Scared Weird Little Guy’s song so here it is to share and may you all have a Red back-free day!



4 thoughts on “The Garden Just Got Dangerous

  1. I wish I could be so noble – I HATE spiders and I couldn’t just put them outside because if they come back inside I’d have a heart attack! Best sprays are the ones for crawling insects, which knocks them down. Then you can do what you want to them… Eeeek. I hate spiders!!

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