Somehow I missed the change to April

I’ve been working really hard on finishing a single title romance…another bride book and last week the only time I left the house was for a hit of tennis, the morning gym session, the bus stop to meet the boys and of course, the supermarket. Apart from that I was glued to the chair and I missed April 1st. I missed all the jokes; everything. I also forgot that I had a book released on April 1st in the US.

So here I am three days later with an update for my US Readers 🙂

I know I’ve been talking about Single Dad’s Triple Trouble for three months but for my US  Readers, it is now available at eharlequin as a paperback or an eBook.  Readers who prefer a Kindle edition can pre-order it now and receive it in May 🙂

 This story is set on the glorious Australian island of Tasmania and CataRomance said, “Single Dad’s Triple Trouble is a realistic, emotional, dramatic and stirring tale of hope, redemption and triumph that will leave readers smiling. I loved Elly’s strength, independence and spirit and I couldn’t help but fall for gorgeous Gabe and his adorable triplets.”

The Pink Heart Society said, “ Truthful, moving and romantic.”

If you’re looking for a book to read over Spring break or at Easter, then consider Elly and Gabe’s attempt to find their way through a past of hurt and find the future they deserve.

For pictures that inspired the story, head on over to my website. Oh and that reminds me, I need to do an April update for that too. Rushing there now!

Fiona x


One thought on “Somehow I missed the change to April

  1. Wow! What a fantastic review for SINGLE DAD’S TRIPLE TROUBLE!

    Looking forward eagerly to reading it!


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