The leaves are falling from the Silky Elm and the ornamental grapevine is vivid red so we’re in serious autumn mode down here. The mornings have a nip in the air and we know winter is coming but for now we’re enjoying glorious sunny days with little wind. It’s a sensational time of year…except for raking up the leaves!

 I’ve spent the weekend enjoying the Royal Wedding and I’ve read the reports and gazed at the frocks and hats and ‘AHHed’ over the wedding dress and the cake!  But now with the boys back at school it’s back to regular programming and work.

I’m hanging out to see the cover for The Boomerang Bride which will be published by Carina Press on August 8th. Meanwhile, I think this logo gives you a good hint about Australia meeting the USA.  I’ve proofed the blurb for the story so things are getting closer.  Meanwhile, I really need to be concentrating on my next medical romance.

On the family front, we’re getting excited about hosting a French exchange student for nine weeks. He arrives at the end of May. A bit of room swapping is going on to accomodate him so it’s made us have a bit of a clear out. I actually got DH to part with three suits he hasn’t worn since 1993…..!

I’ve started work on my workshop, ‘Understanding the male point of view’ for the RWAus conference in Melbourne in August. I love giving workshops so I’m looking forward to it. However, between now and then there is a book to finish, an exchange student to host, a significant birthday, significant wedding anniverary and a holiday so things are busy.

Happy reading

Fiona xx


3 thoughts on “May!

  1. All the best with THE BOOMERANG BRIDE. Your workshop sounds fun, wish I could take it!

    Will you need to learn French to connect with the student?

  2. I wish you could do the workshop too, Nas! I have been brushing off up my French in the hope the student can help me improve! His english is pretty good so think we will just be helping with expressions and tenses.

  3. And what do you plan to do with all that spare time, Fiona? LOL. Love the logo for your upcoming book. Can’t wait until the cover comes out!
    I just know the workshop will be fabulous – your workshops always are!
    (Hope you can make it to one of our conferences, Nas. You’ll have a ball!)

    Bonne chance with the French lessons. Hope you enjoy hosting the exchange student. I hear it can be lots of fun but it must be a lot of hard work too.

    Loved the Royal Wedding. I didn’t plan to watch but I did and I’m glad I did 🙂

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