Life in General

Apparently we had the coldest May day yesterday since 1970 and I’d believe it so today the winter doonas are going on the bed and sexy flannette PJs are coming out. Boy Wonder has grown out of everything so he’s getting new uggboot/slippers and ‘real man’ PJs.  The cold weather has driven me indoors and made me look at the house with new eyes.  This is NOT good! I have just got back from the plumbing supplies place trying to order new gold rings for under the taps. Seems they have corroded after 11 years. And there is the rub.

11 years ago my house was sparkly renovated and gorgous. Now it’s looking a bit tired and you know, I think you run out of ‘house’ puff. Now, I’d rather spend the money on a vacation than plunge it into new taps or a new laundry. Got me thinking about life stages. In my 20s it was work and travel, in my 30s it was definitely nesting….babies, house renovations, garden, which did continue into my 40s. But now I am over the mid 40 bump and with teenagers spending my retirement funds faster than I can replenish them, I’m wanting to spend what’s left on travel….just as soon as I move the expensive teenagers out of the house 😉

It’s going to be a while though and meantime there were some lovely bathroom fittings at the plumbing supplies shop…………………….


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