Get Off The Road Now!

The Lad got his ‘L”s…his driving learner’s permit …a permit to stress parents and shave one day off their life expectancy. Scary. This is the boy who could have explosions going off around him and not notice because he was reading something really interesting about the Gnome theory or watching a YouTube clip where a guy is dared to walk around all day with an octopus on his head.  Vague is not the word and when you add in tiredness I am thinking everyone will just want to get off the road for their own safety.  So why are we letting him start learning?  Well, where I live, student drivers have to have 120 hours behind the wheel before they can get their license and that includes 10 hours driving in the dark and 10 hours of driving in the rain. Thankfully the drought just broke!!  So as The Lad is likely to go to university this will mean leaving home so he had to get those 120 hours down between in two years or else it gets way too hard.

I told DH that as I supervised homework, music lessons, drove kids hither and thither, cooked, counseled and generally was the ‘go-to’ parent, it was HIS job to teach The Lad to drive. He was totally cool with that idea and off they went. We have two cars and both are manual. How many times can you stall a car in 200 metres? About eight it seems. 

As I had no expectations at all other than he’d be a disaster, I had nowhere to go but up! Turns out, he’s not so bad unless he’s tired. He got the gears sorted, he can now move between cars and cope with different gear shifts. We got him a couple of lessons and that really help his and my relationship because now I just refer to the what the driving instructor said and his head is so busy swiveling between mirrors and shoulder checking that he could audition for Carrie.

The two biggest shocks so far have been that when he drove home in the dark and the rain the other night, I realized he now has driven more hours than I had when I got my license and he still had about 80 hours to go!  Second shock was when the driving instructor made him drive over the test course which has to have every weird and wonderful intersections in the world. Had I been driving, I would have failed!!

So what are your supervising driving stories? I’d love to hear them because we’ve still got 80 hours to go!


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