A Freezing French Student & Soup

Our French exchange student is here- a lovely 16 year old boy who flew in on Sunday at 6am to a balmy 11C. It was a warm morning. Since then our mornings have hovered around zero which makes for a very nippy walk to the bus stop.   This is seriously early cold for us. We get overnight temperatures of 0C and -2C during August, not late May and early June.  Our Frenchie is in shock because right now as we are having our coldest autumn in a long time, France is having their hottest and driest spring.

Five students are spending nine weeks at my sons’ school so after we had driven them home, settled them in ,we all gathered together for lunch on Sunday. What do you give five cold French students, three cold Western Australians and a bevy of locals? We started off with hot soup!  I filled my giant slow cooker and yielded 20 bowls . This is the recipe I cobbled together off the top of my head  and it was so yummy I thought I would share it.

Roast Pumpkin, Red Bell Pepper and other roasted vegetables Soup

Coat pumpkin, garlic, red onions, red capsicums with olive oil and throw in some herbs like rosemary and basil and whatever you can get your hands on. and then roast them in a pan until cooked.  

Remove the herbs

Whizz the roasted vegetables together until they are a lovely smooth mash. Add dash of salt, lots of black pepper, some curry powder and a big can of tomatoes (800gms) Whizz again. Add chicken stock and keep adding until you get the consistency you want.

Heat it all up, taste and add more curry or pepper to suit your plate.

Serve with a crusty baguette. ENJOY!


2 thoughts on “A Freezing French Student & Soup

  1. Hi Fiona,
    Oooh that sounds delish and perfect for the cold weather we’ve been having (OK not today – it was pretty warm in comparison!)

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