Carina Press is one and they’re giving away presents!

Carina Press is ONE!  And they’re having a party. A year ago, when it all started, I wasn’t a Carina Press author, but I am proud to say that I am now. Since last November whenI sold Boomerang Bride, I have only been impressed by what Angela James and her amazing team have achieved and the support they give their authors.  I am really excited to host a blog today dedicated to celebrating those achievements. 

Take it away, Angela!

In celebration of our one year anniversary, I asked as many of our Harlequin team members and Carina Press freelance editors as possible to write a short blog post, talking about what the past year or so has been like for them, working on Carina Press. I deliberately didn’t provide any direction other than that, because I wanted to see what people came up with, in the spirit of Carina’s 1st anniversary. I was so pleased when I saw what they’d all come up with, and had to say (and some of these posts made me just a little teary)! I hope you enjoy the post, and look for your opportunity to win a Carina Press book at the bottom of this post. ~Angela James

 Stephanie Doig joined the Carina team in March 2011. She loves reading for both work and fun, and holds out hope that Carina will one day publish YA fiction so she can read even more of it. She hopes you enjoyed reading this bio as much as she enjoyed writing it. Over to Stephanie!

 Happy Anniversary


How I Learned to Stop Worrying about the Details and Love Acquisitions

 I am a fairly new addition to the Carina Press acquisitions team. While most of the people on the team also work in Harlequin’s Internet & Digital department, a couple of us hail from Proofreading. 

As you can probably guess, proofreading books for a living attracts a certain type of person. We tend to be detail oriented, to say the least. My job is to pay attention to the small things—did her hair color change? Was his name always spelled that way? Won’t somebody please think of the semicolon?—and that kind of reading can be difficult to turn off. 

The work I do for Carina is different. When a manuscript comes to the acquisitions team, it hasn’t yet been through an in-house edit. We’re looking for great ideas, compelling writing, originality. The details add to the story, but spelling, grammar and consistency take a backseat to larger issues, such as premise, plot and character. 

Switching gears took some adjustment, but it’s been a great learning process. The weekly acquisitions meetings—in addition to being a lot of fun—have allowed me to learn more about the editorial process, and how to spot a great concept. I’ve worked hard to think more about plots and ideas than punctuation, and the result is that I’m better at recognizing a good story before it is a completely polished story (though I’ll admit that I still notice punctuation. I just don’t let it influence my reports. I can’t completely shut it off!). It’s exciting to watch a manuscript go from submission to publication, and to watch Carina grow with each new author. 

Being a Carina team member these past few months has taught me some new skills, sharpened my old ones and introduced me to a great group of people. I’m proud to be a part of it and can’t wait to read the next submission!

 Happy anniversary, Carina!  

 To celebrate Carina’s one year anniversary of publishing books, we’re giving away some prizes. Today, on each of the nineteen blogs our team members are featured on, we’re giving away a download of a Carina Press book to one random winner (that’s nineteen total winners!) All you need to do to be entered to win is comment on this post. You can enter to win on all nineteen posts. In addition, on the Carina Press blog, we’re giving away a grand prize of a Kobo ereader and 12 Carina Press books of the winner’s choice. Visit the Carina Press blog to enter to win, and to see links to all 19 of today’s blog posts.


And a sincere thank you from all of us, to our readers and authors, for making Carina Press’s first year a success!


53 thoughts on “Carina Press is one and they’re giving away presents!

  1. Hello Stephanie!
    I think working in acquisitions would be loads of fun. I do think I would have an issue without the manuscripts being fully edited. I can easily be pulled out of a story by a typo. I’m glad you are able to focus on the story without the distraction.

    Congratulations on a successful first year!

    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

  2. It would be tough to switch gears from fully edited. I can ignore some things, but if there are too many I lose my place in the story.

  3. Thanks, everyone! I just came back from an acquisitions meeting, as it happens. Lots of exciting books coming soon!

  4. Hooray, Stephanie and Carina Press! What a great first year it’s been! I understand that difficulty, Stephanie–reading for story is definitely different than reading to correct; it’s hard sometimes to flip between the two. Looking forward to more great reads in the year to come though! Read on!

  5. Happy anniversary Carina Press! I would LOVE to read CP’s submission manuscripts. How cool is it to discover a fantastic story before anybody else? Oh, the reader glutton in me is jealous!


  6. Happy Anniversary Carina Press! A lot of hard work goes into creating these books and I thank you for it!

    • And the lucky winner of the Carina Press book is….drumroll…..Susan Laura!
      Susan can you please email me at with your email details so we can arrange for you to receive your prize.

      Thanks so much everyone for helping to celebrate Carina Press’ first anniversary and thanks to Stephanie for being such a fabulous guest!

  7. Happy Birthday Carina! Lol Stephanie..I think it’s difficult to turn off your attention to detail! I’ve been very pleased with both the writing and editing in the books that I’ve purchased from Carina. Here’s to an even bigger and better 2nd year!

    • Thank you! I’m going to tell Angela about all these great comments about the editing and copyediting in Carina books so she can pass them on to the freelancers!

  8. Happy Birthday. Carina! I read some fantastic books from Carina Press this year. Thanks to everyone at Carina for giving us readers this chance! We can always expect a digital book which is edited well from Carina!

  9. I wish, as writers, we possessed the proof reading skills as well 😉

    Thanks for sharing what happens behind the scenes!!!

    Happy anniversary to Carina..and here’s to more 🙂

  10. Congratulations on your fantastic success. I appreciate the wonderful author’s and their stories, and the behind the scenes editing that give us such great stories to read.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  11. Sounds like tough work. The ned product is so worth it to me though. Thank you!!

    Happy anniversary and congrats on one year!

    Lisa B
    modokker at yahoo dot com

  12. LOL, I work as an editor as well and am constantly copyediting stuff (boring government IT stuff sadly). I drive people crazy b/c I am always pointing out the typos in restaurant menus and bothered by weird inconsistencies they don’t even notice. Occupational hazard!

    • Restaurant menus are the worst. I almost left a restaurant once because their headings were bold, ital, underlined, and in quotation marks.

  13. Congratulations on Carina’s first year anniversary! I enjoyed reading your post – I always thought of proofreading as being more on the back end rather than in the acquistion stage; interesting! Wishing you all continued success!

    • Thank you! Proofreading is on the back end, actually–I proofread for Harlequin and read acquisitions for Carina. A little of both is good for the brain!

  14. Congratulations for such a grand and successful year.

    Thanks to Carina Press, I’ve discovered many new authors.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  15. I work as a proofreader, too, and I can only imagine how tough the initial transition was! 🙂 Those little details are important, though, to letting the beauty and brilliance of a story make themselves known. 😉

  16. Stephanie, I can only admire you. I don’t have the patience for proof reading although I have taught myself to slow right down and do it but it doesn’t come easily at all. I am ever thankful for the wonderful copy editors who work with me on every book as well as my brilliant ..slightly pedantic but in a wonderful way… friend, Serena who reads every MS before it hits my editors desk.

  17. Congrats on the first year and wishing for you to have an even better next year.

    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  18. Yahoo!! Congratulations; to; a; year; down; and sorry for such a deliberately despicable use of the semicolon but I just loved that! 🙂 Wonderful post and congratulations again!

  19. Happy anniversary to the Carina team!

    I am a detail oriented person too – okay, anal retentive. And I have a hard time turning off my spelling and grammar detector even when reading professionally edited books. I’m an engineer, but perhaps I should have been a copy editor?

    • Oh, I am always jealous of people with math/science skills AND language skills! I would be a terrible engineer. Sounds as if you could try your hand at copyediting, though!

  20. Happy Birthday Carina Press. Yay Stephanie on improving skills and employing new ones. It is hard to turn off that detail skill…. I hate it when I really notice a typo and it breaks my reading bliss.

  21. Yes proofing is a background detail to the story but it can make a great story feel like it is full of speedbumps if it is ignored.

  22. Happy Anniversary!

    I think proofreading as a hard and rather thankless job in which one gets noticed only if one lets an error through. Kudos to proofreaders! (until the next time I find “reign” instead of “rein” and start frothing at the mouth again)

    • Editing and proofreading can be invisible professions, it’s true. We’re supposed to make things seamless. It can be tough when people point out only the errors, but it’s part of the job! (And reign for rein is a common but frustrating mistake, I agree. Also mantle/mantel and peak/peek.) I’m glad Carina readers appreciate good grammar!

  23. Happy Anniversary!

    It would be so great to be in the aquisitions team and read all those great new books before anyone else.


  24. Thank you for the great post Stephanie, I just loved this series of behind the scens of publishing! 😀 One of the things I love most about Carina Press is what a personal, human publishing it is! Not a big company with an impenetrable facade, but people whose face, voice we can see and hear on blogs, twitter, FB. 🙂

    Thanks to you this last year I have discovered so many wonderful new authors, series, books and many have become favourites of mine, THANK YOU!

    Congratulations to the whole Carina team and Happy 1st anniversary, here’s to many more! 🙂

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

    • I love this about Carina, too! It introduced me to a lot of wonderful people I otherwise would not have known so well, both writers and the people working behind the scenes.

  25. And the lucky winner of the Carina Press book is….drumroll…..Susan Laura!
    Susan can you please email me at with your email details so we can arrange for you to receive your prize.

    Thanks so much everyone for helping to celebrate Carina Press’ first anniversary and thanks to Stephanie for being such a fabulous guest!

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