eBooks on the Rise

Harlequin have been selling electronic versions of my books since 2008, but the sales of eBooks has really hit its stride in the last year. It’s not often I’m ‘on trend’ but as I studied my latest royalty statements I can see a big jump in the eBook sales of my books.  The biggest jump has been in the USA. My books are not on the shelf in the USA, (long story but Medical Romances are only sold online in both print version and ebook) With my book Miracle Twin Babies, if you take out subscription sales, I sold more books in eBook format than I did in print in the USA. It stands to reason I guess, as people have to go online anyway to buy the book, but in past books the print had still won out.

Amazon Kindle have been selling my books for a while, but today I got a ‘google alert’ that my books are now in NOOK format as well KOBO so that’s exciting because the more options, you, my readers have in buying my books, the better. I know as a reader I value the choice in how I buy a book and I imagine you do too 🙂

New to ebooks? Check out my ebook and eReader information page on my website


2 thoughts on “eBooks on the Rise

  1. I know lots of people with Kindles and Kobos – and they’re not writers but readers. I predicted this trend many years ago – does that make me ahead of my time? Or just not savvy enough to know when it would happen?

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