What Can’t You Live Without?

I’ve had one of those weeks where you start to think, ‘Have I offended the universe in some way?’ 

 On Friday night, a car came out of nowhere and plowed into my car and although the car is a mess, I am mercifully fine apart from bruised ribs. We are juggling one car, which is working okay as long as we plan the day. Then the washing machine died and the dryer went out in sympathy.

We are currently a family of five (gorgeous French exchange student living with us for 9 weeks), it’s mid-winter and as Sharon will attest, we haven’t seen sun or a temperature over 50f/10C in weeks. 

Last time the machine had a cardiac arrest, it was gone for two weeks while it was being resuscitated and I spread my washing around friends and the local launderette. (By the way, the launderette is a great place for book ideas). This time the machine  mercifully died and the one bright thing to happen was that we are fortunate enough to be able to go out and buy a washing machine. I really feel for women with children who don’t have their own machine. I also remembered how excited my 26 year old nephew was when he was given one for Christmas.

Having your own machine makes your life easier in so many ways and if I had to make a choice between the car and the washing machine, I’d take the machine!   So now I have a natty front loader which sings to me when it’s finished and the dryer only needed a fan belt so I am back in business. I can take clean clothes on holidays/vacation! YAY.So which household appliance would you be totally LOST without?

(BTW, I am off on a two week camping holiday on Saturday to (hopefully/it better be!!) warmer Western Australia as long as the ash cloud doesn’t come back. Given my track record this week I am not holding my breath!!)


4 thoughts on “What Can’t You Live Without?

  1. Hi Fiona,
    Looks like you’ve had your fair share of problems 😦 I’m glad they’re all fixed or dealt with. Mainly I’m glad you’re OK after the car accident.

    I do love having my appliances that make my life easier. It would be very difficult to live without a washing machine. I don’t think I could cope with scrubbing and wringing everything espeically as I have three adult sons as well as hubby and myself, so there’s always plenty of washing to do!
    Have a great trip! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

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