Where have you taken your eReader?

I’ve been on vacation and am still chasing my tail but wanted to give you a sneak peak into one of the things I did while I was away.

I read on my Kindle on the glorious ‘Sandy Beach’ at the Cape Range National Park in Western Australia. We had this glorious beach to ourselves for 90 minutes and we got a bit stroppy when other people arrived 😉

We bush camped and my Kindle battery powered on without needing to be recharged until about day 9 and then I just plugged it into the cigarette lighter in the 4WD and it charged up while I kept reading and DH drove 🙂

So where have you taken your eReader?


8 thoughts on “Where have you taken your eReader?

  1. Oh, I’ve been reading a certain author’s very fabulous latest release on my Kindle, and I carry it around so I could complete it whenever I could snatch time!

  2. Coleen, it never touched the sand 🙂 I did wonder if I should have had it it in a ziplock bag like I do when I read it in the bath. Angela James from CarinaPress gave me that fab tip!

  3. Thanks the lovely beach photos! and the tip about the ziplock bag… There are some solar rechargers out on the market also!!

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