Brooding Hero

 I’ve just finished reading Jane Eyre. I was revisiting it as the only other time I read it was when I was 15 and I thought perhaps I hadn’t done it justice then. Having re-read it, I am still not a huge fan, but I saw Jane and Mr. Rochester in a new light.  It got me thinking about the brooding hero, especially as I’d just written one.  In my latest release, Career Girl in the Country, Dr Matt Albright is indeed a brooding hero. He’s experienced a devastating loss in his life, one that many people have had to deal with and when I hear their stories I often ask myself, ‘How do they cope? How do they manage to get up in the morning?’

So real life was the inspiration, but it was this picture of Johnny Depp that was the muse. What do you think? Does this picture tell a lot of stories?


Career Girl in the Country  hits the shelf in the UK today and is available for online purchase in Australia and will be on-shelf in Oz mid September. It’s also available as an ebook from Mills and Boon UK and Australia.


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